Frosty & The Silver Tones is a high-energy party band that brings a show to the audience as well as a wide variety of covers and original music. Their recently released official video and CD have met with enthusiastic reviews. The band’s on stage antics and interaction with the audience is an augment to their musical library, which ranges from Lynyrd Skynyrd to John Mayer, Joan Jett, Chris Stapleton, The Georgia Satellites as well as crowd favorites from the 50s to present day Rock and Roll.  They have entertained from one end of the Phoenix metro area to the other at clubs, restaurants, private parties, and corporate functions. Unfazed by the size of their audience, they can light up a small audience while maintaining engagement in larger venues. 

Jeff Frost, more commonly known as “Frosty” is the founding member and front man of the band. He has been playing around the valley for many years and is famous for putting all of himself into his performances; leaving nothing on the table. On keyboards, his playing style is reminiscent of Jerry Lee and Dr John, while his vocals morph from raw to that of a crooner. His stage presence is intense to say the least –if you can catch him standing still while performing, it’s a miracle. 

Barbara Brown has brought a whole new feel to the band with her vocal and keyboard skills. With her they are able to bring in a whole new element that compliments the band's sound.

On guitar is Dale (Zippy) James. His virtuosity and creativity on the instrument belies his young age. He is 17 as of this writing. He wows crowds and fellow guitarists where ever he plays. He also, plays keys, bass and sings backups.

Rich Alfano is the bassist who has solidified the groove and feel to the band’s music. 
Ryan O'Hara provides the heartbeat for the group. An adept percussionist, he has been known to change the backbeat of musical standards bringing a whole new timbre to the tunes. 
Jair Gallardo is the band's Maestro of horns. He plays multiple horns including: Sax, Trombone, Trumpet along with singing backups.

Refer to the band’s calendar and enjoy a night of entertainment you won’t soon forget. Join Frosty, Barbara, Ryan, Rich, and Jair as they provide packed sets of music and antics sure to get you dancing, clapping, laughing and singing along.